Network June 2024

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Welcome to this special edition of Network, the East Croydon United Reformed Church (ECURC) newsletter. We are excited to bring Network back to life to celebrate a significant milestone – 60 years since our church relocated to its current location on Addiscombe Grove. Over these past six decades, our church has been a symbol of faith, hope, and community. This anniversary is a tribute to our building and the vibrant community within its walls.

Our move to Addiscombe Grove in 1964 marked a new chapter. Since then, we have thrived as a diverse and inclusive congregation dedicated to serving our community.

The theme of this edition is “Embracing Community,” reflecting our ongoing mission to foster a sense of belonging and support. In this edition and subsequent ones, you will find articles highlighting our community service initiatives, personal reflections from members, and updates on our various programs and activities. We hope these stories will remind you of the incredible impact our church has had and continues to have on individuals and families.

Network is more than just a newsletter; it is a platform for all of us. We welcome contributions from every member of our congregation. We want to hear from you, whether you have a story to share, an event to announce, or a reflection on your faith journey. Together, we can make Network a vibrant and engaging reflection of our diverse and dynamic church community.

As we celebrate 60 years at Addiscombe Grove, let us take this opportunity to reflect on our shared journey and the many blessings we have experienced. Let us also renew our commitment to embrace our community, serving others, and spreading hope. This is a time for celebration, gratitude, and inspiration.

Thank you to everyone who supports the church by contributing their time, money, and talent. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Network and feel inspired to contribute to future editions.

With warm regards,

The Editorial Team, Network, East Croydon United Reformed Church.