17th January 2021

As we have said before, the church is not a building…we managed the Gift Service but chose

not to hold all the other planned Christmas Services in the church. Through the wonders of the

Internet, we were able to come together for Carols, the Christmas Eve Communion, Christmas

Day and the Watchnight Service. These were lovely services and we should all be grateful to

Derrick for the work which went into preparing and delivering them. The children’s gifts were

given to the Women’s Refuge who were delighted with them. The volunteers who staff The Link

were equally grateful. We gave them around 40 pairs of socks plus some scarves, gloves and

hats. Thank you for your generosity.

The Minister and Officers made the decision not to re-open the building even when we were

allowed to. This decision was justified when all the Synod Moderators wrote to churches strongly

advising them not to open the church. To summarise what they said – ‘Just because you can,

it doesn’t mean you should!’ The safety of the congregation comes first.

Fellowship News

Sadly, since our last newsletter, a number of our members have been unwell, and some of our

families are having to cope with the loss of loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with Vida

and her family and Cherry and her family, as they come to terms with the loss of Wilfred and

Michael respectively. Please pray for Dingile’s husband Elias, who is in St George’s hospital. We

are pleased that Kate G, Janet and Celia are all recovering from their different ailments.

Staying safe and keeping well – advice from our A&E consultant

As we’re sure you all know, Jacob is an A&E Consultant who has direct experience of the impact

of Covid-19. Jacob spoke to everyone during the service on 10th January. He stressed that we

should be under no illusions. This virus is very real and awful to contract. The pandemic is not a

myth. He strongly recommends that everyone has the vaccine when invited.

Induction of Elders

As you will remember, at the November Church Meeting, we elected Hilary Martin and Patrick

Afful to serve as Elders for four years from January 1st 2021. They were inducted at the service

on 10th January held via Zoom. At the same service the Church Officers and the existing serving

Elders were re-dedicated. Thank you to everyone who is prepared to serve the church in this


Church re-development

Our architects are continuing to work on the detailed drawings for our new building. We are

continuing to work with Pocket Living on all that needs to be done to obtain planning permission.

As soon as we have more information on this, we will report back to you.

Keep well and stay safe

Let us continue to trust the Lord under whose care we dwell in safety; He will lead us

and make his way plain before our face. (Psalm 5 verse 8)

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